Migration Process

Discovery & Request

Migration processes are difficult. We also know that you have had experiences that are far from experience. It is really difficult for us to explain or discuss this on this page. However, we complete all migration processes to the best of our ability with a 100% success rate. You just enjoy yourself. We think for you.

Whatever, we have question sets for you. You can download our question sets from the link below. We ask you some questions to get to know you better. Once we get your answers, we create a free road map for you. We declare in writing what we will do step by step and what kind of migration process it will be. After your approval, we move on to the offer process. After you approve our offer, now the whole process begins!

Project Plan Creation and Follow-up

We create a project plan o Monday.com and create an orderin which we will follow theproject together, organise weeklymeetings and share thenecessary documents for thefirst phase.

Project Process

During the project process,we follow the tasks throughweekly meetings and shareupdates.

Test Check List

In the last stage of the project, which isthe tests, we check the test check list that creates all the project tasks as awhole team by checking the tasks as awhole team and approve them and openthem for your approval.

Go Live

After the approval, we takethe website live and after thego live, our maintenanceprocess starts