First and Only, Hello Türkiye! 🌴

Holly Palm

has now achieved the title of the first and only Shopify Plus Partner in Turkey.

After long planning, goals, and successes, we have formalized our relationship with Shopify based on our Shopify Plus builds, results and performance.


Trusted by 100+ brands from high growth startups to enterprise brands.

Migration Process

Migration processes are difficult. We also know that you have had experiences that are far from experience. It is really difficult for us to explain or discuss this on this page. However, we complete all migration processes to the best of our ability with a 100% success rate. You just enjoy yourself. We think for you.


We design, build and develop high-performance, lead-generating websites for the mobile phone and the web. Theright website not only increases conversions, it builds trustbetween prospects and existing customers. We have broughttogether a team of designers, developers and marketers totransform your lead generation process.

Shopify x Holly Palm App

We heard you! We made checkout, wishlist, ERP system integrations and many other special developments specifically for Shopify!

Shopify Plus & Holly Palm is the most loved commerce platform on the market.

Find out why.

Find out why.

Find out why.

Find out why.

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